We leverage higher education resources and the power of music to raise academic and behavioral outcomes for underserved youth and children with special needs.

Our Mission

We partner with colleges and universities, K-12 institutions, community organizations, and donors to provide underserved youth with high quality music instruction in urban areas across the U.S. OpporTUNEity's® mission is to strengthen the ties between post-secondary music programs and their local communities while promoting the use of music as a means to engaging undergraduate students in educational programs that emphasize social change, bridge access and equity gaps in the arts, and provide opportunities for enrichment and talent development to children in our most impoverished communities. The OpporTUNEity® Model currently works through the prisms of cultural capital, civic engagement, Social Justice, inclusive excellence, and music education. We do this while providing Unparalleled Access, End-to-End Logistics, and Innovative Pedagogies to our partnering organizations. 


"The OpporTUNEity program presents a unique chance to positively influence kids who have had little to no exposure to the arts, to foster a mutual learning exchange between amateur piano teachers and amateur piano students, and to bridge the cultural gap that separates the ivory tower of higher education from the often grim reality of living in a low-income environment. "

— MMC OpporTUNEity Student Instructor, 2016


End-To-End Logistics.

Service Learning has proven to be a highly effective pedagogy for undergraduate students. Establishing community ties and building engagement programs is a time-consuming process that is often unappealing to most higher education faculty. We work behind the scenes to establish partnerships between institutions of higher education and their local communities, increase networks, train students, support faculty, and help our partnering organizations achieve alignment and vision through engagement and service. We provide resources, training, networking, and support services to institutions willing to adopt our OpporTUNEity® model for community engagement through music.  

Unparalleled Access.

Our ultimate goal is to engage institutions of higher education in the work civic engagement by creating educational pathways that bridge equity, access and achievement gaps in music education.  In so doing, we create a web of reciprocal relationships and a network of learning organizations doing their part to bring equal opportunity, improve demographic outcomes, and bring inclusiveness to music programs across the United States. We provide connections, training, resources, and support to best guarantee visibility, positive public relations, and success for undergraduate music programs, their students, and faculty.

Innovative Pedagogies.

Our model has proven effective in establishing mutually beneficial relationships between undergraduate students and school children, higher education institutions and K-12 schools, educational institutions and community organizations alike. We are on the forefront of educational innovation and strive to establish a network of music pipeline programs that will increase social mobility and benefit our target populations for years to come.